Karma Film Production is Nepal’s independent Film and Production Company providing creative service to our esteemed clients from national and international arena.

We specialize in the incredible and breathe life into monotonous technicalities. We’ll inspire your viewers with a combination of captivating scripts, high end productions, eye catching animations and unique post production styles.


Our Services


Our production and digital video strategy teams are able to create full video content marketing plans from planning to delivery, connecting brands to consumers with relevant, useful and entertainment content throughout their journey.


Ours is the home to an excellent team of writers, directors and filmmakers. They develop memorable concepts and innovative campaigns with finesse.

Our team of creative producers is involved at all stages of the production process (Script development, Story boarding, Pre-visualizations, Animatics), ensuring that the vision of the client is achieved on time, and within budget.


Using top-of-the-range equipment, our vastly experienced production team delivers outstanding films for a variety of genres and formats by Aerial photography, Drone filming and Under water filming.


We create unique animated films using a range of techniques and styles, including 2D animation, 3D animation, stop-motion, hand-drawn and digital animation.


To add dynamism and weight to any film project, we create breathtaking visual effects that transform products and environments.


We offer wide-range of production facilities, from creating sets to post-production suites, to a voice-over recording booth and screening rooms which help in editing, sound design, colour grading, compositing, sound tracks and video encoding.

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Want to build your brand story with Film?

Filming in Nepal can be a complex challenge; let us use our expert knowledge and understanding of the hectic city to manage your busy production schedule.


With an extensive catalogue of filming equipment for hire in Nepal, we supply production companies and filming professionals at all levels and requirements.

Equipment Rental

Filming in a new environment can be stressful. So we make sure our technically astute, multi-lingual production team is on-hand to assist you with any questions or issues that may arise while on-set. We can also put you in touch with trusted suppliers for additional equipments or support.

Technical Support

Our efficient and knowledgeable researchers will scout the perfect location for your shoot, and once we’ve identified your ideal location, we will acquire the relevant location permissions and deal with the administration of forms and billing, which leaves you to concentrate on the shoot.

Location Scouting & Permissions

Our experienced and enthusiastic production fixers are perfectly positioned to assist production companies from outside of Nepal on anything from broadcast commercials and corporate videos to television dramas, documentaries and feature films.

Production fixers